Olaf as Disney Princesses


Yeah we do.


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Great things never came from comfort zones. (via thedailypozitive)


Woah - by ending with a pro-equality chant (‘What do we want?’ -EQUALITY! - ‘What don’t we want?’ MISOGYNY!), then following up with “you’re not you when you’re hungry,” this Snickers ad “ends by claiming that pro-feminist men are clearly unnatural. Men don’t respect women — at least, not this kind of man — they’re just so hungry they can’t think straight.”

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This commercial is offensive on so many levels, I can’t even.

The thing I love most about dreams is that there are enough for everybody to have at least one.
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Origami Makes 50-Cent Paper Microscope That Magnifies 2,000 Times

Stanford University bioengineer Manu Prakash has developed a microscope made of paper that costs 50 cents to make. Using the magic of origami, the Foldscope device can focus through a sample mounted on a standard slide in micron-length steps. It can magnify objects 2,000 times with sub-micron resolution without needing any external power.

The instrument is part of Frugal Science for Public Health, an effort by Prakash’s team to democratize science. Healthcare workers can use it to diagnose infectious diseases like malaria and those caused by pathogenic bacteria, and it can also be used as a teaching aid.

See the ted talk below from which these gifs are made.

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